B.Notes, Notepad for Solo Brainstorming.


Notepad for Solo-Brainstorming

Download B.Notes from the Apple App Store

Write your ideas you came up with.

B.Notes is a simple application that records notes in a chat-like speech bubble. You can write out ideas that you come up with, and brainstorm by yourself. In solo brainstorming, you can set the persona as the peer you want to talk to.

Key Features

Cute animal icons for persona are available.

The persona is a chat peer when brainstorming alone. You may switch persona manually to use them.

Manages notes using folders and tags.

B.Notes provides the folders like Notes.app to arrange the notes. B.Notes also supports the favorites and the tags in order to access notes easily.

Sends and receives notes via AirDrop.

The notes can be exchanged with friends via AirDrop if you need.

B.Notes is free to use on all your iOS devices.